Well with my sink unit all done and working, i needed what you usually find above a sink..... a mirror!

But no ordinary mirror was going to work here, not with the dark rustic finish of the wooden units and the copper sink, i looked at a few mirrors available in shops and online and even ''rustic'' ones just werent going to do it here.

I knew it wouldn't have been too difficult to make a frame out of wood to go around a regular mirror but the issue was finding the correct piece of wood.

I have a lovely selectino of beautiful oakm chestnut, some pine i could have burnt and stained to match the units but all of those just weren't rustic enough, they has clean straight edges which wasn't what i was lloking for.

So in my wood pile i had a very old dirty, dusty piece of old floorboard which had been replaced as it was uneven and not striaght, so in other words... perfect!

I simply cut the board straight down the middle to give the straight edges for the inside glass surround, but all the ends and outside edges i left exactly as they were, i overlapped 4 pieces to make the frame, slightly burnt the newly cut edges to look aged, stained the wood lightly, and added some chunky metal bolts which i painted copper.

Job done and total cost for the mirror equals...... ZERO!