So i'm in the process of rennovating a very old house here in rural France and the first room that was needed to be done was the bathroom, or in this case 'shower' room as i didn't bother with an actual bath.

I had been collecting ideas mentally in my head for the last year or so of what i wanted as a theme, a combination of rustic and industrial, metal and wood.

The most important and probably most used feature of any bathroom is probably the sink area so i started planning this first, i already had a couple of old pine bedside cabinets and i had found a lovely old big copper pan to use as a sink so this was most of the work done already.

The modern looking pine cabinets were no where near rusitc enough so i set about burning them slightly to darken the wood and add character and age, then stained them dark oak, painted the grills and metal attachments copper (as i already knew copper was going to be a big feature in this room) and that was them done, the old copper pan (originally used for making jam/confiture) simply needed a hole in the middle for the drain and that was done too. A hole for the mixer tap and all was up and working in no time!