I just love anything out of the ordinary and a little bit different or...... 'Unique'

Some years ago i moved to France, renovated an old barn and made it into my new home, and the only thing missing was some nice lights......
So i searched and searched but could not find anything i liked or if i did find something it was ridiculously expensive! so i set about making my own light fittings and loved every minute of it!
I had previously spent many years working with electrics and electronics and also in a lighting retailer so i had a rough idea of what i was doing, but everything else has been created either in my head or on a scrap of paper!
i started making new lights from scratch with wood, tiles, metal sheets etc.
i then had a go at restoring old antique and vintage lights, i have also created lights out of every day objects such as wooden crates, metal reflectors, boxes ...
And i have also created lights out of more unusual things such as milk urns, rusty old pots, a copper kettle, even pieces of pipe!

so now i do a bit of everything, from using modern materials to create a new, minimalist style light...... to restoring a 100 year old oil lantern!!

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